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edward hopper
American painter, printmaker and illustrator. He was brought up in a town on the Hudson River, where he developed an enduring love of nautical life. When he graduated from Nyack Union High School in 1899, his parents, although supportive of his artistic aspirations, implored him to study commercial illustration rather than pursue an economically uncertain career in fine art. He studied with the Correspondence School of Illustrating in New York City (1899-1900). He continued to study illustration at the New York School of Art (1900-1906), under Arthur Keller (1866-1925) and Frank Vincent Du Mond (1865-1951), but began to study painting and drawing after a year. Hopper began in the portrait and still-life classes of William Merrit Chase, to whose teaching he later referred only infrequently and disparagingly. He preferred the classes he took with Kenneth Hayes Miller and especially those of Robert Henri. Hopper s skill won his fellow students respect, as well as honours in the school where, by 1905, he was teaching Saturday classes.
mk250 Year in 1942. Oil on canvas, 76.2 x 144 cm. Chicago Art Institute.

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