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Painting ID::  57373
mk256 1891 years painting 71 x 93 cm

Paul Gauguin Chat oil painting reproduction




This artist (Henri Matisse) is not available now.

Painting ID::  65998
Mk288 1904 board paintings 63 x 62cm private Tibet

Edouard Vuillard chat oil painting reproduction




Edouard Vuillard
1868-1940 French Edouard Vuillard Galleries Jean-Edouard Vuillard, the son of a retired captain, spent his youth at Cuiseaux (Saone-et-Loire); in 1878 his family moved to Paris in modest circumstances. After his father\'s death, in 1884, Vuillard received a scholarship to continue his education. In the Lycee Condorcet Vuillard met Ker Xavier Roussel (also a future painter and Vuillard\'s future brother in law), Maurice Denis, musician Pierre Hermant, writer Pierre Veber and Lugne-Poe. On Roussel\'s advice he refused a military career and entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where he met Pierre Bonnard. In 1885, Vuillard left the Lycee Condorcet and joined his closest friend Roussel at the studio of painter Diogene Maillart. There, Roussel and Vuillard received the rudiments of artistic training.
Mk288 1904 board paintings 63 x 62cm private Tibet

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