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Saint Ursula
Saint Ursula, Francisco de Zurbaran, 1650. Oil on canvas. Bought in 1893. cjr

Francisco de Zurbaran Saint Ursula oil painting reproduction




Painting ID::  85798
Saint Ursula
1650. Oil on canvas cyf

GRAMATICA, Antiveduto Saint Ursula oil painting reproduction




GRAMATICA, Antiveduto
Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1571-1626 Italian painter. He was from a Sienese family. According to Baglione, his parents were journeying from Siena to Rome when his mother went into labour and gave birth to him at an inn, an inconvenience that had been foreseen ('antiveduto') by his father and led to his unusual name. For a brief period he was a pupil of Giandomenico Angelini ( fl 1550-1600), under whom he painted small-scale works, mainly on copper. His prolific production of devotional paintings, portraits and copies of portraits won him swift success; in 1593 he became a member of the Accademia di S Luca and in 1604 of the Congregazione dei Virtuosi. His early portraits have not been identified; they included highly popular copies of a series of Famous Men then at the Villa Medici, works that Caravaggio probably also copied when he worked for some months in his studio on his arrival in Rome in 1592
Saint Ursula
1650. Oil on canvas cyf

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