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Painting ID::  78316
1876 cjr

unknow artist Fiammetta oil painting reproduction




Painting ID::  81524
Fiammetta Date 1876 cyf

Emma Sandys Fiammetta oil painting reproduction




Emma Sandys
Emma Sandys (born Mary Ann Emma Sands) (1843 - 1877) was a 19th-century English painter. Sandys was born in Norwich, England in 1843. She was taught by her father, Anthony Sands, and worked in portraits in both oil and chalk, often in medieval or period dress. Her earliest dated painting is marked 1863 and she exhibited her works in both London and Norwich between 1867 and 1874. Sandys did most of her work around Norwich but may have spent time in the studio of her brother, Frederick Sandys, in London. She died Norwich in November 1877.
Fiammetta Date 1876 cyf

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