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Education of the Virgin
1732 Oil on canvas S. Maria della Consolazione (Fava), Venice The figures in this altarpiece are portrayed more as the heroines of noble dramas than as saints. They combine true pathos with elegant sensuality, as if they were creatures of some higher human species. At the same time, however, they are firmly linked to our sense of everyday life through the descriptive details which are so naturalistic as to border on trompe-l'oeil. In the centre of the representation, in front of a magnificent architectural backdrop, stands Mary as a young girl, reading from an open book, and instructed by her mother, who sits next to her. Her father, standing to her right, is deep in prayer and has his eyes raised towards Heaven. What is striking about the composition, is the diagonal line which runs from the three angels' heads beneath the book to the three large angels above Mary, and which symbolizes the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.Artist:TIEPOLO, Giovanni Battista Title: Education of the Virgin Painted in 1701-1750 , Italian - - painting : religious

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Education of the Virgin oil painting reproduction




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Education of the Virgin
Velazquez, ca. 1617?C18, Yale University Art Gallery Date ca. 1617?C18 cyf

Diego Velazquez Education of the Virgin oil painting reproduction




Diego Velazquez
Spanish Baroque Era Painter, 1599-1660 Spanish painter. He was one of the most important European artists of the 17th century, spending his career from 1623 in the service of Philip IV of Spain. His early canvases comprised bodegones and religious paintings, but as a court artist he was largely occupied in executing portraits, while also producing some historical, mythological and further religious works. His painting was deeply affected by the work of Rubens and by Venetian artists, especially Titian, as well as by the experience of two trips (1629-31 and 1649-51) to Italy. Under these joint influences he developed a uniquely personal style characterized by very loose, expressive brushwork. Although he had no immediate followers, he was greatly admired by such later painters as Goya and Manet
Education of the Virgin
Velazquez, ca. 1617?C18, Yale University Art Gallery Date ca. 1617?C18 cyf

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