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Painting ID::  79720
Mademoiselle de Sens
English: oil on canvas Français : huile sur toile Dimensions 125 x 113 cm (49.2 x 44.5 in) cyf
Circle of Pierre Gobert Mademoiselle de Sens oil painting reproduction




Painting ID::  84777
Mademoiselle de Sens
Oil on canvas Dimensions 81 x 65 cm (31.9 x 25.6 in) cyf

Jean Marc Nattier Mademoiselle de Sens oil painting reproduction




Jean Marc Nattier
1685-1766 French Jean Marc Nattier Gallery Brother of Jean-Baptiste Nattier. As well as being taught by his father, he trained with his godfather, Jean Jouvenet, and attended the drawing classes of the Academie Royale, where in 1700 he won the Premier Prix de Dessin. From around 1703 he worked on La Galerie du Palais du Luxembourg. The experience of copying the work of Rubens does not, however, seem to have had a liberating effect on his draughtsmanship, which was described by the 18th-century collector Pierre-Jean Mariette as cold. Nattier was commissioned to make further drawings for engravers in the early part of his career, including those after Hyacinthe Rigaud famous state portrait of Louis XIV (1701; Paris, Louvre) in 1710, which indicates that he had established a reputation while he was still quite young. Although he was offered a place at the Academie de France in Rome on the recommendation of Jouvenet, Nattier preferred to remain in Paris and further his career. In 1717 he nevertheless made a trip to Holland, where he painted portraits of Peter the Great and the Empress Catherine (St Petersburg, Hermitage). The Tsar offered Nattier work at the Russian court, but the artist declined the offer. He remained in Paris for the rest of his life.
Mademoiselle de Sens
Oil on canvas Dimensions 81 x 65 cm (31.9 x 25.6 in) cyf

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