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Painting ID::  27931
The Gardener
mk62 c.1906 Oil on canvas 65.4x54.9cm Tate Gallery London

Paul Cezanne The Gardener oil painting reproduction




Painting ID::  51969
The Gardener
mk222 1899 92.5x65.4cm

Camille Pissarro The Gardener oil painting reproduction




Camille Pissarro
Caribbean-born French Pointillist/Impressionist Painter, ca.1830-1903 .Painter and printmaker. He was the only painter to exhibit in all eight of the Impressionist exhibitions held between 1874 and 1886, and he is often regarded as the 'father' of the movement. He was by no means narrow in outlook, however, and throughout his life remained as radical in artistic matters as he was in politics. Thad?e Natanson wrote in 1948: 'Nothing of novelty or of excellence appeared that Pissarro had not been among the first, if not the very first, to discern and to defend.' The significance of Pissarro's work is in the balance maintained between tradition and the avant-garde. Octave Mirbeau commented: 'M. Camille Pissarro has shown himself to be a revolutionary by renewing the art of painting in a purely working sense;
The Gardener
mk222 1899 92.5x65.4cm

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