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Painting ID::  31540
Hugo Reisinger
mk73 oil 1907 135.5 x 100 cm

Anders Zorn Hugo Reisinger oil painting reproduction




Painting ID::  65870
hugo reisinger
1887 olja pa duk 135.5x100 se

Anders Zorn hugo reisinger oil painting reproduction




Anders Zorn
Swedish 1860-1920 Swedish painter, etcher and sculptor. He was brought up by his grandparents at Mora. As he displayed a precocious talent for drawing he was admitted to the preparatory class of the Kungliga Akademi for de Fria Konsterna, Stockholm, at the age of 15. Dissatisfied with the outdated teaching and discipline of the Academy and encouraged by his early success as a painter of watercolour portraits and genre scenes (e.g. Old Woman from Mora, 1879; Mora, Zornmus.) Zorn left the Academy in 1881 to try to establish an international career. He later resided mainly in London but also travelled extensively in Italy, France, Spain, Algeria and the Balkans and visited Constantinople. However, he continued to spend most of his summers in Sweden.
hugo reisinger
1887 olja pa duk 135.5x100 se

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