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Artist: Adriaan de Lelie
Painting: The Art Gallery of Jan Gildemeester
Painting ID: 93630
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Adriaan de Lelie The Art Gallery of Jan Gildemeester

Adriaan de Lelie:
was born at Tilburg in 1755, and was a scholar of Peeters, a painter of tapestries and ornaments, and afterwards of Quertenmont at Antwerp. He made copies of many of the portraits by Rubens and Van Dyck at Desseldorf, and also of historical pictures by Italian and Dutch masters. By the advice of Professor Camper, he established himself at Amsterdam, where he painted a great number of portraits and cabinet pictures; among the latter is one of the celebrated amateur Jan Gildemeester showing his collection to a party of ladies and gentlemen, in which the principal pictures are readily recognised. One of his best works is that representing the 'Drawing Academy' of the Felix Meritis Society at Amsterdam. His pictures are highly esteemed in Holland and Germany, where they are to be met with in the best collections. He died at Amsterdam in 1820.



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