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Artist: Jehan Georges Vibert
Painting: An Embarrassment of Choices, or A Difficult Choice
Painting ID: 92326
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Jehan Georges Vibert An Embarrassment of Choices, or A Difficult Choice

Jehan Georges Vibert:
Jehan Georges Vibert (30 September 1840 - 28 July 1902) was a French academic painter. He was born in Paris. He began his artistic training at a young age under the instruction of his maternal grandfather, engraver Jean-Pierre-Marie Jazet. Vibert was more interested in painting than engraving and entered the studio of Felix-Joseph Barrias and eventually the École des Beaux-Arts when he was sixteen. He remained at the École for six years under the instruction of historic painter François-Edouard Picot. Vibert debuted at the Salon of 1863 with La Sieste (The Siesta) and Repentir (Repentance). During the Franco-Prussian War, Vibert became a sharpshooter and was wounded at the battle of Malmaison in October 1870. He was awarded the Legion deHonneur and became a Chevalier de la Legion deHonneur in recognition of his sacrifice. He became an Officer of the Legion deHonneur in 1882.



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