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Artist: Willem van Bemmel
Painting: Landschap figuur op een brug bij een waterval
Painting ID: 73772
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Willem van Bemmel Landschap figuur op een brug bij een waterval

Willem van Bemmel:
(Utrecht 10 June 1630 - Nuremberg 20 December 1708), was a Dutch Golden Age painter active in Germany. Van Bemmel was a student of Herman Saftleven in Utrecht. He made a Grand Tour to Rome, spending first the years 1647-9 in Venice where he became famous for his landscapes. He stayed in Rome for six years and was a member of the Bentvueghels. From Rome he crossed the Alps to Nuremberg, where he became a successful painter of Italianate landscapes. In 1656 he moved to Kassel. He was the father of the German Von Bemmel painting family.



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