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Artist: Cano, Alonso
Painting: San Francisco de Borja
Painting ID: 67695
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Cano, Alonso San Francisco de Borja

Cano, Alonso:
Spanish, 1601-67 Spanish painter, sculptor and architect. He was an artist of rare versatility in 17th-century Spain, although his architectural work was not extensive. While he is also known for his drawings, only about 60 of these are definitely attributable to him, despite the many extant sketches with the name 'Cano' carelessly added by later hands. Unlike most of his Spanish contemporaries, such as Zurbaren or Velezquez, whose artistic styles did not outlive them, Cano's artistic legacy is measured in part by the number of artists who trained in his workshop and went on to become important masters in their own right: the painters Pedro Atanasio Bocanegra, Juan de Sevilla (1643-95) and, more distantly, Jos Risueo, and the sculptors Pedro de Mena and Jos de Mora,



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