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Artist: Ary Scheffer
Painting: The Death of Gericault (26 January 1824) (mk05)
Painting ID: 20906
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Ary Scheffer The Death of Gericault (26 January 1824) (mk05)

Ary Scheffer:
Dordrecht 1795-Argenteuil 1858 Dutch painter, sculptor and lithographer, active in France. He became a French citizen in 1850. He received his earliest training in the studio of his parents, Johann-Bernhard Scheffer (1764-1809) and Cornelia Scheffer (1769-1839), who were both artists, as was his brother Henri Scheffer (1798-1862). He then attended the Amsterdam Teeken-Academie (1806-9). At the first Exhibition of Living Masters in Amsterdam in 1808 he showed Hannibal Swearing to Avenge the Death of his Brother Hasdrubal



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