What Is Stretcher Size?

How To Assemble A Stretcher Frame?

Slide two corner pieces together and align mitre for a flush fit.
Before adding opposite sides insert cross braces, if stretcher size or canvas weight requires bracing.
Once the frame is aligned insert first wedge firmly but do not force.
Insert second wedge into corner and then repeat process on the other corner braces.

How To Stretch Canvas?

Attach canvas in the center of each side. work into the corners pulling the canvas taut with canvas pliers.
To reduce canvas bulk in the corners, first fold as in photo and secure with staple.
Do second fold as shown and secure.
Trim off excess canvas and secure protective back panel if required.



The Stretched Fees.
If you want the paintings to be stretched,
please click the size you ordered and add it to the cart.

8x10 ins
(20x25 cm)

USD 25 Extra

12x16 ins
(30x40 cm)

USD 35 Extra

16x20 ins
(40x50 cm)

USD 45 Extra

20x24 ins
(50x60 cm)

USD 65 Extra

24x36 ins
(60x90 cm)

USD 89 Extra

30x40 ins
(75x100 cm)

USD 115 Extra

36x48 ins
(90x120 cm)

USD 165 Extra

48x72 ins
(120x180 cm)

USD 325 Extra