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Portrait in oils of Welsh preacher John Elias, William Roos
 Portrait in oils of Welsh preacher John Elias   (1774-1841), painted in 1839 by Welsh artist William Roos (1808-1878). Painting in National Museum of Wales collections. TTD
Still Life with Game, William Roos
 Still Life with Game   1620s Medium oil on canvas cyf
Still Life with Partridges, William Roos
 Still Life with Partridges   Date 1841 TTD
Welsh preacher and Nonconformist leader Christmas Evans, William Roos
 Welsh preacher and Nonconformist leader Christmas Evans   1766-1838). Portrait by William Roos. Oil on canvas. TTD
Welsh-language poet John Jones, William Roos
 Welsh-language poet John Jones   (1810-1869). Portrait by William Roos. 1864. Oil on canvas. National Museum of Wales collections TTD

William Roos
William Roos (1808 - 4 July 1878) was a Welsh artist and engraver. Several of Roos' portraits, mainly of notable Welsh figures, are owned by the National Library of Wales.

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