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Isabella, Dutchess of Grafton, Willem Wissing
 Isabella, Dutchess of Grafton   oil on canvas 124 x 101 cm 1686 cjr
Portrait of Henrietta and Mary Hyde, Willem Wissing
 Portrait of Henrietta and Mary Hyde   ca. 1683(1683) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Width: 112 cm (44.1 in). Height: 153 cm (60.2 in). cyf
Portrait of Queen Mary II, Willem Wissing
 Portrait of Queen Mary II   1685(1685) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 125.7 x 101.9 cm cyf
Willem Wissing. Mary Stuart wife of William III, prince of Orange., Willem Wissing
 Willem Wissing. Mary Stuart wife of William III, prince of Orange.   between 1684(1684) and 1685(1685) ? Medium oil Dimensions 215 x 97 cm (84.6 x 38.2 in) cjr

Willem Wissing
Willem Wissing, also known as William Wissing (1656 - 10 September 1687), was a Dutch portrait artist. He was born in either Amsterdam or The Hague, and studied at The Hague under Willem Doudijns (1630 - 97) and Arnoldus van Ravestyn (1615 - 90). In 1676, he moved to England, where he studied with and assisted Peter Lely. After Lely's death in 1680, Wissing emerged as his most important pupil. Godfrey Kneller was the only contemporary portrait artist in England to rival Wissing. Wissinges royal sitters include Charles II of England, Queen Catharine of Braganza, Prince George of Denmark and James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth.

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