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All Walter Leistikow 's Paintings
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Away in old-Kleinmachnow in Berlin, Walter Leistikow
 Away in old-Kleinmachnow in Berlin   mk184 1894 water-and cover colors on watercolor paper 32.7x44.6cm
Bathing boy, Walter Leistikow
 Bathing boy   mk184 1900 oils on Lwd 113x152cm
Children people cake, Walter Leistikow
 Children people cake   mk184 1915 Kreidelithographie on getontem paper 24x28.7cm Bez. in the Sterin U L Mliebermann
Dear island, Walter Leistikow
 Dear island   mk184 around 1905 oils on Lwd 120x150cm
Even likeness with brush, Walter Leistikow
 Even likeness with brush   mk184 1913 oils on wood 72.5x60cm
Evening mood at the battle lake, Walter Leistikow
 Evening mood at the battle lake   mk184 around 1895 water-and cover colors on watercolor paper 32.7x44.6cm
Portrat Gerhart captain, Walter Leistikow
 Portrat Gerhart captain   mk184 1912 oils on Lwd 95.5x113cm
Portrat Louis love man, Walter Leistikow
 Portrat Louis love man   mk184 1891 chalks 48.4x31cm
Simson and Delila, Walter Leistikow
 Simson and Delila   mk184 1894 oils on Lwd 38.5x55cm
Spitzenklopplerin, Walter Leistikow
 Spitzenklopplerin   mk184 1881 chalks 32.5x25.4cm
Sundown at Lake Grunewald, Walter Leistikow
 Sundown at Lake Grunewald   mk235 1898 Oil on canvas 167x252cm
The breach, Walter Leistikow
 The breach   mk184 around 1900 oils on Lwd 87x129cm

Walter Leistikow
1865-1908,German painter, decorative artist, etcher, exhibition organizer and writer. He studied painting briefly in 1883, at the Akademie in Berlin, but he was dismissed after six months as 'untalented'. From 1883 to 1885 he trained with the painter Hermann Eschke (1823-1900) and from 1885 to 1887 with the Norwegian painter Hans Fredrik Gude. Gude had a decisive influence on the style of Leistikow's early works, as is especially clear in Leistikow's light coastal landscapes with figures. His most significant work from this period, however, is Brickworks near Eckernferde (1887; ex-Gem?ldegal. Neue Meister, Dresden). Leistikow's dismissal from the Akademie concentrated his attention on issues of artistic policy. When the German government decided not to send works for exhibition in the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889, Leistikow himself organized the dispatch of works to Paris. In 1892,

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