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All Vasily Surikov 's Paintings
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Boulevard Zubov in Winter, Vasily Surikov
 Boulevard Zubov in Winter   mk100 Oil on cavnas 42x30cm
Boyarina Morozova, Vasily Surikov
 Boyarina Morozova   mk156 1887 Oil on canvas 304x587.5cm
Bronze horseman, Vasily Surikov
 Bronze horseman   Bronze horseman
Conquest of Siberia by Yermak, Vasily Surikov
 Conquest of Siberia by Yermak   Conquest of Siberia by Yermak
Feodosia Morozova, Vasily Surikov
 Feodosia Morozova   Feodosia Morozova
Man with an Injured Arm, Vasily Surikov
 Man with an Injured Arm   mk193 1913 Oil on canvas 68.5x53.9cm
March of Suvorov through the Alps, Vasily Surikov
 March of Suvorov through the Alps   March of Suvorov through the Alps
Menshikov at Beriozov, Vasily Surikov
 Menshikov at Beriozov   mk193 1883 Oil on canvas 169x204cm
Menshikov in Berezov, Vasily Surikov
 Menshikov in Berezov   Menshikov in Berezov
Mo Luozuo her aristocratic women, Vasily Surikov
 Mo Luozuo her aristocratic women   mk253 canvas 304 x 587.5 cm Moscow in 1887, the State Tretyakov Gallery collection
Monument to Peter the Great on Senate Squar in St.Petersburg, Vasily Surikov
 Monument to Peter the Great on Senate Squar in St.Petersburg   mk100 1870 Oil on canvas 52x71cm
Morning of Streltzi execution, Vasily Surikov
 Morning of Streltzi execution   Morning of Streltzi's execution
Self Portrait, Vasily Surikov
 Self Portrait   Self-Portrait
Storm of Snow Fortress, Vasily Surikov
 Storm of Snow Fortress   Storm of Snow Fortress
Suwoluofu across the Alps, Vasily Surikov
 Suwoluofu across the Alps   mk253 canvas 495 x 373 cm in 1899 in St. Petersburg, Russia museum
The Fallen Demon,on the death of Mikhail Vrubel (mk19), Vasily Surikov
 The Fallen Demon,on the death of Mikhail Vrubel (mk19)   1910 Water-colour and pen on paper,48 x 56.6 cm Russian Museum,Saint Petersburg
The Minusinsk Steppe, Vasily Surikov
 The Minusinsk Steppe   mk100 1873 Watercolor on paper 136x31.8cm
The Morning of the Execution of the Streltsy, Vasily Surikov
 The Morning of the Execution of the Streltsy   mk156 1878-81 Oil on canvas 218x379cm
The Taking of the Snow, Vasily Surikov
 The Taking of the Snow   mk100 Fortress 1891 Oil on canvas
Unknown Girl against a Yellow Background, Vasily Surikov
 Unknown Girl against a Yellow Background   mk193 1911 Oil on canvas 51x44cm
View of the Kremlin, Vasily Surikov
 View of the Kremlin   mk100 1913 Oil on canvas 29x48cm
Xi Kefu to stay in Myanmar and other village Vorontsov, Vasily Surikov
 Xi Kefu to stay in Myanmar and other village Vorontsov   mk253 oil painting 169 x 204 cm Moscow in 1883, the State Tretyakov Gallery collection
Zubovsky Boulevard in Winter, Vasily Surikov
 Zubovsky Boulevard in Winter   mk193 Oil on canvas 42x30cm

Vasily Surikov
Russian Painter, 1848-1916 Russian painter. He is principally noted for his treatment of episodes from the 17th century and the medieval period of Russian history. These works are remarkable for their thoroughly researched and detailed rendering of settings and costume and the drama of their presentation. Surikov was also an accomplished portrait painter and incorporated a large number of portrait studies into his history paintings.

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