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Darmstadt, Thomas Robertson
 Darmstadt   Date late 1840s Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 249 ?? 147 cm (98 ?? 57.9 in) cyf
Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, Thomas Robertson
 Empress Alexandra Fedorovna   1841-1842 Medium Oil on canvas cyf
View of Hobson-s bay, Thomas Robertson
 View of Hobson-s bay   mk167 c.1857 Oil

Thomas Robertson
January 9, 1829 ?C February 3, 1871,English dramatist and actor; brother of Madge Kendal. After spending several years as an actor, he turned to playwriting, initiating the ecup and saucere school of drama, which was characterized by its realism and its contemporary, domestic setting. His first successful play, David Garrick (1864), was followed by Society (1865) and Ours (1866). With Caste (1867) he began a close association with Squire Bancroft and his wife, Marie Wilton Bancroft, the actress, and they produced several of his plays.

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