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Portrait of Helen Clay Frick, Theobald Chartran
 Portrait of Helen Clay Frick   mk29 1896 Oil on panel 57.4x48.3cm
Portrait of Martha Howard Frick, Theobald Chartran
 Portrait of Martha Howard Frick   mk29 1895 Oil on panel 57.1x48.3cm
Portrait of Washington A. Roebling, Theobald Chartran
 Portrait of Washington A. Roebling   ca. 1899(1899) Oil on canvas 201 x 134.9 cm (79.13 x 53.11 in)
Signing of the Peace Protocol Between Spain and the United States, Theobald Chartran
 Signing of the Peace Protocol Between Spain and the United States   mk29 August 12 1898 Oil on canvas 157.8x208.4cm

Theobald Chartran
French Academic Painter, 1849-1907, He was a classical French academic painter. As 'T', he was one of the artists responsible for occasional caricatures of Vanity Fair magazine, specializing in French and Italian subjects. His work for Vanity Fair included Pope Leo XIII, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Umberto I of Italy, William Henry Waddington, all in 1878, Charles Gounod, Giuseppe Verdi, Ernest Renan, Jules Grevy, Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte, Victor Hugo, Marshal MacMahon, Granier de Cassagnac, Louis Blanc, and Alexandre Dumas, Fils, all in 1879.

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