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Adam and Eve ar, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Adam and Eve ar   c. 1550 Oil on canvas, 150 x 220 cm Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice
Baptism of Christ  sd, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Baptism of Christ sd   Oil on canvas, 137 x 105 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid
Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery adf, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery adf   1546-48 Oil on canvas, 119 x 168 cm Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome
Christ before Pilate, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Christ before Pilate   mk157 1565 Oil on canvas 515x380cm
Christus bei Maria und Martha, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Christus bei Maria und Martha   2nd half of 16th century 197 ?? 129 cm (77.56 ?? 50.79 in)
Crucifixion, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Crucifixion   mk157 1565 Oil on canvas 536x1224cm
Flight into Egypt, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Flight into Egypt   mk157 1583-87 Oil on canvas 422x580cm
Joseph and Potiphar's Wife r, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Joseph and Potiphar's Wife r   c. 1555 Oil on canvas, 54 x 117 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid
Judith and Holofernes (detail) s, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Judith and Holofernes (detail) s   1550s Oil on canvas Museo del Prado, Madrid
Judith and Holofernes ar, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Judith and Holofernes ar   1550s Oil on canvas, 188 x 251 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid
Mary Magdalene, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Mary Magdalene   mk157 1583-87 Oil on canvas 425x209cm
Miracle of the Brazen Serpent, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Miracle of the Brazen Serpent   mk157 31575-77 Oil on canvas 840x520cm
Saint George,The Princess and the Dragon, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Saint George,The Princess and the Dragon   mk170 circa 1555 Oil on canvas 158.3x100.5cm
Self Portrait (mk05), TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 Self Portrait (mk05)   Canvas,25 1/2 x 20 1/2''(65 x 52 cm).Collection of Louis XIV
St Nicholas ryy, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 St Nicholas ryy   Oil on canvas, 114 x 56 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
St.Roch, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 St.Roch   mk157 1564 Oil on canvas 240x360cm
The Birth of John the Baptist, detail ar, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 The Birth of John the Baptist, detail ar   1550 Oil on canvas The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
The Birth of St. John the Baptist wr, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 The Birth of St. John the Baptist wr   1540s Oil on canvas, 181 x 266 cm The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
The Deposition ar, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 The Deposition ar   1563 Oil on canvas, 108 x 170 cm Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan
The Miracle of St Mark Freeing the Slave, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 The Miracle of St Mark Freeing the Slave   mk156 Oil on canvas 415x541cm
The Origin of the Milky Way, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 The Origin of the Milky Way   mk170 1578-1580 Oil on canvas 149.4x168cm
The Supper at Emmaus ar, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 The Supper at Emmaus ar   1542-43 Oil on canvas, 156 x 212 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
The Voluntary Subjugation of the Provinces, TINTORETTO, Jacopo
 The Voluntary Subjugation of the Provinces   mk157 1578-85 Oil on canvas

Birth Year:, 1518. Death Year:, 1594

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