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Angiolo Tommasi Painting in a Garden (nn02), Silvestro lega
 Angiolo Tommasi Painting in a Garden (nn02)   c.1885 Oil on canvas 14 3/4x10 3/4"
Giuseppe Mazzini morente, Silvestro lega
 Giuseppe Mazzini morente   1873, oil on canvas cjr
In the wine bower, Silvestro lega
 In the wine bower   mk186 1868 Milans, Pinacoteca di Brera
Portrait of Eleonora Tommasi (nn02), Silvestro lega
 Portrait of Eleonora Tommasi (nn02)   c.1884 Oil on canvas 18 7/8x15 3/4"
Reading, Silvestro lega
 Reading   mk235 1875 Oil on canvas 38.5x22.5cm
the lyric (ll canto di unostornello), Silvestro lega
 the lyric (ll canto di unostornello)   mk247 1867,oil on canvas,62x38.5 in,158x98 cm,palazzo pitti,florence,ltaly
The Pergola (nn02), Silvestro lega
 The Pergola (nn02)   1868 Oil on canvas 29 1/2x36 7/8" Pinacoteca di Brera,Milan

Silvestro lega
Italian Realist Painter, 1826-1895 Italian painter. From 1843 to 1847 he attended the Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, studying drawing under Benedetto Servolini (1805-79) and Tommaso Gazzarini (1790-1853), then, briefly, painting under Giuseppe Bezzuoli. About 1847 he entered Luigi Mussini's school (see PURISMO), where the teaching emphasized the 15th-century Florentine principles of drawing and orderly construction. Then and for some years afterwards he continued to attend the Scuola del Nudo of the Accademia. After fighting in the military campaigns for Italian independence (1848-9) Lega resumed his training, this time under Antonio Ciseri, executing his first large-scale painting, Doubting Thomas (1850; Modigliana, Osp. Civ.). In 1852 he won the Concorso Trienniale dell'Accademia with David Placating Saul

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