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All Samuel John Peploe 's Paintings
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Barra, Samuel John Peploe
 Barra   mk147 1903 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
Boats at Royan, Samuel John Peploe
 Boats at Royan   mk147 1910 Oil on board 29x33
Etaples, Samuel John Peploe
 Etaples   mk147 c.1906 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
Freeden gallop, Samuel John Peploe
 Freeden gallop   mk212 c.1862 54.6x66cm
Girl in White, Samuel John Peploe
 Girl in White   mk147 1907 Oil on canvas 84.5x61.5cm
Green Sea,Iona, Samuel John Peploe
 Green Sea,Iona   mk147 c.1920 Oil on canvas 50.8x60.9cm
Ile de Brehat, Samuel John Peploe
 Ile de Brehat   mk147 1911 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
Kirkcudbright, Samuel John Peploe
 Kirkcudbright   mk147 c.1919 Oil on canvas 55.9x63.5cm
Landscape at Cassis, Samuel John Peploe
 Landscape at Cassis   mk147 1924 Oil on canvas 55.6x45.7cm
Palm Trees,Antibes, Samuel John Peploe
 Palm Trees,Antibes   mk147 1928 Oil on canvas 61.5x51.5cm
Park Scene, Samuel John Peploe
 Park Scene   mk147 1910 Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery
Roses in a Blue and White Vase,Black Background, Samuel John Peploe
 Roses in a Blue and White Vase,Black Background   mk147 c.1904 Oil on canvas 40.6x45.5cm
Self-Portrait, Samuel John Peploe
 Self-Portrait   mk147 c.190 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
Still Life, Samuel John Peploe
 Still Life   mk147 c.1913 Oil on canvas 55x46 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
Still Life Roses and Book, Samuel John Peploe
 Still Life Roses and Book   mk147 c.1920 Oil on canvas 73.7x60
Still Life with Coffee Pot, Samuel John Peploe
 Still Life with Coffee Pot   mk147 c.1905 Oil on canvas 61x82.5cm
Street Scene,France, Samuel John Peploe
 Street Scene,France   mk147 c.1910 Oil on canvas 34x26.5cm
The Black Bottle, Samuel John Peploe
 The Black Bottle   mk147 c.1905 Oil on canvas 50.8x76.2cm
The Lobster, Samuel John Peploe
 The Lobster   mk147 c.1903 Oil on canvas 40.7x50.8cm
The Luxembourg Gardens, Samuel John Peploe
 The Luxembourg Gardens   mk147 c.1910 Oil on panel 35.5x28cm
Tulips and Cup, Samuel John Peploe
 Tulips and Cup   mk147 c.1912 Oil on canvas 45.6x40.6cm
Tulips and Fruit, Samuel John Peploe
 Tulips and Fruit   mk147 c.1919 Oil on canvas 58x48

Samuel John Peploe
Scottish Painter, 1871-1935,Scottish painter. He studied at the Royal Scottish Academy schools from 1893 to 1894, and then at the Academie Julian and Acad?mie Colarossi in Paris, where he shared rooms with Robert Brough. The influence of the rustic realism of French painters and of the Glasgow Boys is clear in landscape drawings and paintings executed in Edinburgh from the mid-1890s. His still-life studies reveal the influence of the work of both Manet and Hals, which he saw in European galleries, with their combinations of thick impasto and fluid brushwork, dark background, strong lighting and meticulous handling of tones. Between 1900 and c. 1910, when he moved to Paris, he painted in Edinburgh, on sketching holidays in Scotland and in northern France with John Duncan Fergusson, and exhibited in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

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