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Girl with Flowers, Robert Reid
 Girl with Flowers   Girl with Flowers
Hail to the Pioneers, Robert Reid
 Hail to the Pioneers   1897-9 fresco 2.2 x 5.2 m(7 x 17ft) Old City Hall Toronto (mk63)
Her First Born, Robert Reid
 Her First Born   ca. 1888(1888) Oil on canvas 94 x 85.4 cm (37.01 x 33.62 in)
Her First Born, Robert Reid
 Her First Born   Date ca. 1888(1888) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 94 X 85.4 cm (37.01 X 33.62 in) cyf
In the Flwer Garden, Robert Reid
 In the Flwer Garden   mk196 c.1900
Knowledge, Robert Reid
 Knowledge   Knowledge (1896). Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C.
Old Gardener, Robert Reid
 Old Gardener   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 91.8 X 102 cm (36.14 X 40.16 in) cyf
Robert Reid, Robert Reid
 Robert Reid   mk177 1899 Oil on canvas 44x42
The Mirror, Robert Reid
 The Mirror   mk136 About 1910 Oil on canvas
The Old Gardener, Robert Reid
 The Old Gardener   ca. 1921(1921) Oil on canvas 91.8 x 102 cm (36.14 x 40.16 in)
The Violet Kimino, Robert Reid
 The Violet Kimino   1910 National Museum of American Art, Washington DC
The White Parasol, Robert Reid
 The White Parasol   1900 National Museum of American Art, Washington DC
Wisdom, Robert Reid
 Wisdom   Wisdom (1896). Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C.
Woman with a Vase of Irises, Robert Reid
 Woman with a Vase of Irises   mk77 c.1906 Oil on canvas 34x26in

Robert Reid
1862-1929 Robert Reid Galleries Robert Lewis Reid (July 29, 1862 ?C December 2, 1929) was an American Impressionist painter and muralist. Reid was born in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston under Otto Grundmann, where he was also later an instructor. In 1884 he moved to New York City, studying at the Art Students League, and in 1885 he went to Paris to study at the Acad??mie Julian. Upon returning to New York in 1889, he worked as a portraitist and later became an instructor at the Art Students League and Cooper Union. Much of his work centered on the depiction of young women set among flowers. His work tended to be very decorative. In 1897, Reid was a member of the Ten American Painters, who seceded from the Society of American Artists. Around the turn of the century, Reid worked on several mural projects and when he returned to paintings, around 1905, his work was more naturalistic, even though his palette trended toward soft pastels. He died in Clifton Springs, New York.

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