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Anna Maria Aloisna Rosa Ferri, Robert Feke
 Anna Maria Aloisna Rosa Ferri   1790-1800 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 76.5 x 63.5 cm (30.1 x 25 in) cyf
Familienportrat des Isaac Royall, Robert Feke
 Familienportrat des Isaac Royall   1741(1741) Oil on canvas 143 x 197.5 cm (56.3 x 77.8 in) cjr
Portrait of a Woman, Robert Feke
 Portrait of a Woman   mk140 1748 Oil on canvas
Portrait of a Woman, Robert Feke
 Portrait of a Woman   ca. 1748(1748) Oil on canvas 125.4 x 100.5 cm (49.37 x 39.57 in)
Tench Francis, Robert Feke
 Tench Francis   Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Reverend Thomas Hiscox, Robert Feke
 The Reverend Thomas Hiscox   mk77 1745 Oil on canvas 30x25in
Thomas Hopkinson, Robert Feke
 Thomas Hopkinson   mk136 1746 Oil on canvas

Robert Feke
1710-1752 Robert Feke Gallery Robert Feke (1707 ?C 1752) was an American portrait painter born on Long Island, New York. Little is known for certain about his life before 1741, which is the year he painted his first portrait, Family of Isaac Royall. Sixteen portraits in total are known to be by Feke, and an additional 50 are disputed to be by him. His paintings are known for their sobriety and uniformity, but also for their rich colours and accuracy.

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