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Come unto these Yellow Sands, Richard  Dadd
 Come unto these Yellow Sands   1841 Oil on canvas 57 x 78.6cm (22 1/2 x 31in) Private collection (mk63)
Come unto These Yellow Sands, Richard  Dadd
 Come unto These Yellow Sands   Date 1842 21.75 X 30.5 cyf
Contradiction:Oberon and Titania, Richard  Dadd
 Contradiction:Oberon and Titania   1854-8 Oil on canvas 61 x 75cm(24 x 29 1/2in) Private collection (mk63)
The Fairy Teller's Masterstroke, Richard  Dadd
 The Fairy Teller's Masterstroke   Tate Gallery, London

Richard Dadd
1817-1886 British Richard Dadd Location English painter. He was the fourth of nine children of Robert Dadd, an apothecary and chemist in Chatham. His mother was Mary Ann Martin. Two of his brothers and one sister were, like Dadd himself, to die insane.

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