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La Coiffure, Rene Schutzenberger
 La Coiffure   Date 1911(1911) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 121 X 91 cm (47.6 X 35.8 in) TTD
La Femme en blanc, Rene Schutzenberger
 La Femme en blanc   Date 1895(1895) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 120 X 90,2 cm ttd
Liseuse a la fenetre, Rene Schutzenberger
 Liseuse a la fenetre   1890(1890) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 124,5 X 90 cm cyf
Playing at Dice, Rene Schutzenberger
 Playing at Dice   Date 1910(1910) Medium oil on canvas ttd
The Battle, Rene Schutzenberger
 The Battle   Date 1909(1909) Medium oil on canvas ttd
The Flowery Folding-screen, Rene Schutzenberger
 The Flowery Folding-screen   Date 1911 ttd
The Jade Necklace, Rene Schutzenberger
 The Jade Necklace   Date 1914(1914) Medium oil on canvas ttd
The Perfume, Rene Schutzenberger
 The Perfume  
Veil of hair, Rene Schutzenberger
 Veil of hair   Date 1911(1911) Medium oil on canvas ttd

Rene Schutzenberger
Rene Schutzenberger (Mulhouse July 29, 1860, Paris December 31, 1916), also known as Paul Rene Schutzenberger, was a French painter. Born in an Alsatian family of famous brewers, his father Paul Schutzenberger (1829-1897) was a French chemist. The painter Louis-Frederic Schutzenberger (1825-1903) was his cousin. He studied at the Academie Julian under Jean-Paul Laurens. He started to exhibit at the Salon des artistes français since 1891, at the Salon des Independants since 1902 and at the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts since 1907. He got an honourable mention at the Salon of 1897 and at the Universal Exhibition of 1900. He practices genre painting, portraits, nudes and landscapes. He treats subjects of the daily life and intimists subjects. His style is close to the Post-Impressionism movement. His drawings are influenced by the Nabis.

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