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Admiral Sir Edward Hughes, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Admiral Sir Edward Hughes   1786 Oil on canvas, 76 x 63 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Admiral the Honourable Samuel Barrington, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Admiral the Honourable Samuel Barrington   1729-1800," oil on canvas, by the British painter Sir Joshua Reynolds. Dated 1779. 760 mm x 635 mm. cyf
Captain Robert Ormem gyj, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Captain Robert Ormem gyj   1756 Oil on canvas, 240 x 147 cm National Gallery, London
Captain the Honourable George Edgcumbe, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Captain the Honourable George Edgcumbe   1720-95," oil on canvas cyf
Colonel George K. H. Coussmaker, Grenadier Guards, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Colonel George K. H. Coussmaker, Grenadier Guards   1782 Oil on canvas, 238,1 x 145,4 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Commodore Keppel, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Commodore Keppel   mk96 1753-1754 239x147cm
Francis Rawdon-Hastings, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Francis Rawdon-Hastings   c. 1789 Oil on canvas, 240 x 147,9 cm Royal Collection, Windsor
Garrick Between tragedy and comedy, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Garrick Between tragedy and comedy   mk96 1761-1762 148x183cm
General Sir Banastre Tarletonm fy, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 General Sir Banastre Tarletonm fy   1782 Oil on canvas, 236 x 145 cm National Gallery, London
George Clive and his Family with an Indian Maid, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 George Clive and his Family with an Indian Maid   1765 Oil on canvas, 140 x 171 cm Staatliche Museen, Berlin
Georgiana,Countess spencer,and Her daughter Georgiana,Later duchess of Devonshire, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Georgiana,Countess spencer,and Her daughter Georgiana,Later duchess of Devonshire   mk96 1761 112x115cm
Lady Cockburn and her Three Eldest Sons dy, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Lady Cockburn and her Three Eldest Sons dy   1773 Oil on canvas, 141,5 x 113 cm National Gallery, London
Lady Elizabeth Delm and her Children, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Lady Elizabeth Delm and her Children   1777-80 Oil on canvas, 239 x 147 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington
Lady Sunderlin, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Lady Sunderlin   1786 Oil on canvas, 236 x 145 cm Staatliche Museen, Berlin
Lieutenant-Colonel Banastre Tarleton, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Lieutenant-Colonel Banastre Tarleton   mk96 1782 236x145cm
Master Hare, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Master Hare   1788-89 Oil on canvas, 77 x 64 cm Mus??e du Louvre, Paris
Mrs. Musters as Hebe f, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Mrs. Musters as Hebe f   1785 Oil on canvas, 239 x 144,8 cm Iveagh Bequest, Kenwood House, London
Nelly O-brien, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Nelly O-brien   mk96 about 1763 126x110cm
Portrait of Edward Boscawen, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Portrait of Edward Boscawen   ca. 1755(1755) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 76.2 x 63.5 cm (30 x 25 in) cyf
Richard Paul Jodrell, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Richard Paul Jodrell   76.2 cm x 63.5 cm (30 in. x 25 in.) Date 1774-1776 cyf
Three Ladies adorning a term of Hymen, REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
 Three Ladies adorning a term of Hymen   mk96 1773 234x291cm

REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua
English Rococo Era Painter, 1723-1792 English painter, collector and writer. The foremost portrait painter in England in the 18th century, he transformed early Georgian portraiture by greatly enlarging its range. His poses, frequently based on the Old Masters or antique sculpture, were intended to invoke classical values and to enhance the dignity of his sitters. His rich colour, strong lighting and free handling of paint greatly influenced the generation of Thomas Lawrence and Henry Raeburn. His history and fancy pictures explored dramatic and emotional themes that became increasingly popular with both artists and collectors in the Romantic period. As first president of the Royal Academy in London, he did more than anyone to raise the status of art and artists in Britain. His Discourses on Art, delivered to the students and members of the Academy between 1769 and 1790,

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