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Allen Brothers, RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Allen Brothers   early 1790s Medium Oil on canvas cyf
Ann Fraser Mrs. Alexander Fraser Tytler, RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Ann Fraser Mrs. Alexander Fraser Tytler   Date between 1802(1802) and 1806(1806) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 76.8 X 63.5 cm (30.24 X 25 in) cyf
Boy and Rabbit, RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Boy and Rabbit   1814(1814) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 101.6 x 78.8 cm cyf
Jams Cruikshank, RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Jams Cruikshank   mk76 Painted between c.1805 and 1808 Oil on canvas 50x40in
Mrs.James Cruikshank, RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Mrs.James Cruikshank   mk76 Painted between c.1805 and 1808 Oil on canvas 50 3/4x40in
Portrait of Miss Eleanor Urquhart., RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Portrait of Miss Eleanor Urquhart.   nn07 c.1793. Oil on canvas. National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA.
Portrait of Sir John Sinclair, RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Portrait of Sir John Sinclair   1794-95 Oil on canvas, 238 x 154 cm
Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddin, RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddin   nn07
Young Girl Holding Flowers, RAEBURN, Sir Henry
 Young Girl Holding Flowers   1798-1800 Oil on canvas, 92 x 71 cm

RAEBURN, Sir Henry
Scottish Romantic Painter, 1756-1823 Scottish painter. He is perhaps the best known of all Scottish painters, with a critical reputation rivalling that of Allan Ramsay. He was almost exclusively a portrait painter, and his work did much to define Scottish society in a period of immense vigour and intellectual distinction. The demand for his work was sufficient to sustain a career wholly in Scotland, although he occasionally regretted his lack of first-hand knowledge of portrait painting in London. His working life, which was largely confined to Edinburgh

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