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A Widow Painting, Paul Serusier
 A Widow Painting   A Widow Painting - oil on canvas Height: 92.5 cm (36.42 in.), Width: 71 cm (27.95 in.) Date 1919(1919) cjr
A Widow Painting, Paul Serusier
 A Widow Painting   oil on canvas Height: 92.5 cm (36.42 in.), Width: 71 cm (27.95 in.) cyf
Bathers with White Veils, Paul Serusier
 Bathers with White Veils   1908(Salon des Independants,1908) 3' 3 1/2'' x 4' 7''(100.5 x 139.5cm)Gift of Conseil des Musees nationaux,1935
Breton Eve(Melancholy), Paul Serusier
 Breton Eve(Melancholy)   ca 1890 2' 4 1/2'' x 1' 11''(72.5 x 58.5 cm)Gift of Miss Henriette Boutaric,1980
Breton Wrestling, Paul Serusier
 Breton Wrestling   1890 3' x 2' 4 3/4''(92 x 73 cm)Bequest of Miss Henriete Boutaric,1984
Farmhouse at Le Pouldu, Paul Serusier
 Farmhouse at Le Pouldu   1890(1890) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 72 X 60 cm (28.3 X 23.6 in) cyf
Germany, Paul Serusier
 Germany   Pouldu, 1890 Oil on canvas, 54 cm x 65 cm cyf
Grammar(Study), Paul Serusier
 Grammar(Study)   1892 2' 4 1/4'' x 3'(71.5 x 92 cm)Gift of Miss Henriette Boutaric,1980
Landscape in the Forest of Love, Paul Serusier
 Landscape in the Forest of Love   mk97 1888
Les Laveuses a la Laita, Paul Serusier
 Les Laveuses a la Laita   oil on canvas, 73 X 92 cm, 1892 cjr
Little Breton Girl Seated(Portrait of Marie Francisaille), Paul Serusier
 Little Breton Girl Seated(Portrait of Marie Francisaille)   Salon des Independants,1895 3' x 1' 9''(91.5 x 53.5 cm)Bequest of Mrs.Thadee Natanson,1953
old berton woman under a tee, Paul Serusier
 old berton woman under a tee   mk287 1898 oil on canvas musee departemental du prieuere saint germain en laye
Talisman, Paul Serusier
 Talisman   mk156 1888 Oil on wood 27x21cm
The Daughters of Pelichtim, Paul Serusier
 The Daughters of Pelichtim   1908 (Salon des Independants,1908) 3' 3 1/4'' x 5' 3 3/4''(100 x 162 cm)"Pelichtim"is Hebrew for "Philistines."Gift of Conseil des Musees Nationaux,1935
The Downpour, Paul Serusier
 The Downpour   1893 2' 5'' x 1' 11 1/2''(73.5 x 60 cm)Gift of Miss Henriette Boutaric,1980
The Talisman, Paul Serusier
 The Talisman   1888 10 3/4'' x 8 1/2''(27 x 21.5 cm)
the talisman, Paul Serusier
 the talisman   mk287 1888 oil on panel musee d orsay parie
Two Breton Women under an Apple Tree in Flower, Paul Serusier
 Two Breton Women under an Apple Tree in Flower   oil on canvas, 73.5 x 60.5 cm cyf

Paul Serusier
French Painter, 1863-1927 was a French painter who was a pioneer of abstract art and an inspiration for the avant-garde Nabi movement. He studied at the Academie Julian and was a monitor there in the mid 1880s. In the summer of 1888 he travelled to Pont-Aven and joined the small group of artists centered there around Paul Gauguin. While at the Pont-Aven artist's colony he painted a picture that became known as The Talisman, under the close supervision of Gauguin. The picture was an extreme exercise in Cloisonnism that approximated to pure abstraction. He was a Post-Impressionist painter, a part of the group of painters called Les Nabis. Serusier along with Paul Gauguin named the group. Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard and Maurice Denis became the best known of the group, but at the time they were somewhat peripheral to the core group.

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