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A Lady in a Red Hat, Paul Raud
 A Lady in a Red Hat   1893(1893) Oil on canvas 61 x 50 cm (24 x 19.7 in) cjr
A Landscape, Paul Raud
 A Landscape   1906-1911 Oil on canvas 37.7 x 50.2 cm (14.84 x 19.76 in)
A Landscape, Paul Raud
 A Landscape   Date 1906?C1911 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 37.7 X 50.2 cm (14.84 X 19.76 in) cyf
a road in park, Paul Raud
 a road in park   Oil on canvas. 34.2 x 24.2 cm 1910 cjr
An Old Man from Muhu Island, Paul Raud
 An Old Man from Muhu Island   1898(1898) Oil on canvas 53.4 X 34.3 cm (21.02 X 13.5 in)
At the Rakvere Cemetery, Paul Raud
 At the Rakvere Cemetery   1895(1895) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 24 x 30.5 cm (9.4 x 12 in) cjr
Etude with a birch, Paul Raud
 Etude with a birch   Paul Raud, "Etude with a birch", 1895-1901, oil on canvas cjr
Field of flowers, Paul Raud
 Field of flowers   Field of flowers, 1906?C1911. Oil cjr
Field of flowers, Paul Raud
 Field of flowers   English: Field of flowers, 1906-1911. Oil cyf
In a park, Paul Raud
 In a park   In a park. Oil on canvas. 74 x 52 ca 1906-1911 cjr
Paul Raud, Paul Raud
 Paul Raud   Date 1911 TTD
Self-Portrait with a Hat, Paul Raud
 Self-Portrait with a Hat   Date 1900(1900) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 28.1 X 22.4 cm (11.1 X 8.8 in) ttd
Seminude, Paul Raud
 Seminude   Paul Raud, Seminude, 1911, oil on canvas cjr
Seminude, Paul Raud
 Seminude   1911, oil on canvas Eesti: Paul Raud "Poolakt", 1911, õli lõuendil Date 1911 cyf
Sleeping cat by Paul Raud, Paul Raud
 Sleeping cat by Paul Raud   Sleeping cat by Paul Raud (1865 - 1930), oil on canvas cjr
Sleeping cat by Paul Raud, Paul Raud
 Sleeping cat by Paul Raud   1865 - 1930), oil on canvas Eesti: Paul Raud, "Magav kass", õli lõuendil Date October 1908(1908-10) cyf

Paul Raud
(22 October 1865 in Kirikukela, Viru-Jaagupi Parish C 22 November 1930 in Tallinn) was an Estonian painter. The twin brother of painter Kristjan Raud, he studied in Desseldorf beginning in 1886, becoming influenced by the work of Eduard Gebhardt. After his return to Estonia, he painted mainly portrait commissions for some time, before traveling with his brother and Amandus Adamson to the islands of Muhu and Pakri in 1896. His works of this period are reminiscent of those of Max Liebermann. In 1899 he returned to work in Germany, taking on some of the stylistic trappings of Impressionism; this, coupled with time spent working with Ilya Repin, influenced his later style. Later in his career, most especially during and after World War I, he began to teach, from 1915 working as a drawing instructor at the Tallinn Institute of Commerce and from 1923 at the State School of Industrial Art in Tallinn.

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