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A Boy with a Book, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 A Boy with a Book   mk60 1740 Oil on canvas 25x20 1/2"
A Girl with a Kitten, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 A Girl with a Kitten   1745 Pastel National Gallery, London.
A Girl with a Kitten, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 A Girl with a Kitten   mk170 1745 Pastl on paper 59.1x49.8cm
Antoine Le Moyne, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 Antoine Le Moyne   1747 Pastel.
Jean-Baptiste Oudry Painter (mk05), PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 Jean-Baptiste Oudry Painter (mk05)   Canvas 51 1/2 x 41 1/4''(131 x 105 cm)Reception picture for the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture 1753 Collection of the Academie Royale INV 7158(MN)
Madame de Sorquainville (mk05), PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 Madame de Sorquainville (mk05)   1749 Canvas 40 x 32''(101 x 81 cm)Given in 1937 R.F.1937-8
Madame de Sorquainville af, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 Madame de Sorquainville af   1749 Oil on canvas, 101 x 81 cm Mus??e du Louvre, Paris
nee de Parseval, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 nee de Parseval   1747(1747) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 64.9 x 52.5 cm (25.6 x 20.7 in) cyf
Portrait of Charles le Normant du Coudray af, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 Portrait of Charles le Normant du Coudray af   Oil on canvas, 62 x 48 cm Mus??e Cognacq-Jay, Paris
Portrait of Jacques Cazotte af, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 Portrait of Jacques Cazotte af   1760-64 Oil on canvas, 92 x 73 cm National Gallery, London
Portrait of the Painter Jean-Baptiste Oudry, PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
 Portrait of the Painter Jean-Baptiste Oudry   Oil on canvas Mus??e du Louvre, Paris.

PERRONNEAU, Jean-Baptiste
French Rococo Era Painter, ca.1715-1783 French pastellist, painter and engraver. He was, with his older contemporary Maurice Quentin de La Tour, the most important pastel artist and portrait painter in 18th-century France. Perronneau trained first with the engraver Laurent Cars and then with the successful portrait painter Hubert Drouais. His work as an engraver, which includes prints after Charles-Joseph Natoire, Fran?ois Boucher, Edme Bouchardon and Carle Vanloo (see Vaillat and Ratouis de Limay,), did not continue beyond the 1730s. Nevertheless, his involvement with Cars, much of whose work consisted in the reproduction of portraits by artists such as Hyacinthe Rigaud, left its mark on the composition of his pastels, most of which employ the bust-length format, often within a feigned stone oval typical of 17th- and 18th-century engraved portraits. His early pastel portrait of Mme Desfriches (1744; France, A.M. Ratouis de Limay priv. col.), mother of his friend and patron, the Orl?ans collector Aignan-Thomas Desfriches,

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