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A Gallant Company on a Quayside, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 A Gallant Company on a Quayside   circa 1655(1655) (1653-1667) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 93.7 x 89 cm (36.9 x 35 in) cjr
A Southern Harbour Scene, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 A Southern Harbour Scene   between 1657(1657) and 1659(1659) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
Allegory of Summer, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 Allegory of Summer   Date between 1635(1635) and 1683(1683) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 93 ?? 88 cm (36.6 ?? 34.6 in) cyf
Allegory of Summer., Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 Allegory of Summer.   between 1635(1635) and 1683(1683) Oil on canvas 93 X 88 cm (36.61 X 34.65 in) cjr
Animal Study, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 Animal Study   Date second half of 17th century Medium Oil on canvas mounted on panel Dimensions Height: 44.9 cm (17.7 in). Width: 63.7 cm (25.1 in). cjr
Evening Landscape, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 Evening Landscape   Date between 1661(1661) and 1663(1663) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 73 cm (28.7 in). Width: 98 cm (38.6 in). cjr
Herdsmen and Herds at a Waterfall, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 Herdsmen and Herds at a Waterfall   1665(1665) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
Italian Landscape with a Small Bridge, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 Italian Landscape with a Small Bridge   1656(1656) Medium oil on panel Dimensions Height: 44.5 cm (17.5 in). Width: 61 cm (24 in). cjr
River Landscape, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 River Landscape   between 1642(1642) and 1683(1683) Medium oil on panel Dimensions 45.7 x 68.6 cm (18 x 27 in) cjr
Ruined Aqueduct, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 Ruined Aqueduct   1658(1658) Medium Oil on oak panel cyf
Ruins in Italy, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 Ruins in Italy   1658(1658) Medium oil on panel Dimensions Height: 52 cm (20.5 in). Width: 42 cm (16.5 in). cjr
The Waterfall, Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
 The Waterfall   Date ca. 1665(1665) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 110 cm (43.3 in). Width: 153 cm (60.2 in). cjr

Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
(1 October 1620 - 18 February 1683) was a highly esteemed and prolific Dutch Golden Age painter of pastoral landscapes, populated with mythological or biblical figures, but also of a number of allegories and genre pieces. Born in Haarlem, he received instruction from his father Pieter Claesz, and from the painters Jan van Goyen, Pieter de Grebber, Jan Baptist Weenix, Jan Wils and Claes Cornelisz. Moeyaert.According to Houbraken, Carel de Moor told him that Berchem got his name from two words "Berg hem" for "Save him!", an expression used by his fellows in Van Goyen's workshop whenever his father chased him there with the intent to beat him. No trip or Grand Tour by Berchem was documented by Houbraken though he mentioned another story about the "Berg hem!" nickname which came from Berchem's conscription as a sailor; the man in charge of impressment knew him and sent him ashore with the words "Save him!".Today his name is assumed to come from his father's hometown of Berchem, Antwerp. According to the RKD he traveled to Italy with Jan Baptist Weenix, whom he called his cousin, in 1642-5. Works by him are signed both as "CBerghem" and "Berchem".

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