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Academia de Dibujo, Michel-Ange Houasse
 Academia de Dibujo   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 61 x 72,5 cm
Bacchanal, Michel-Ange Houasse
 Bacchanal   1719 Oil on canvas 125 x 180 cm
Bacchanel, Michel-Ange Houasse
 Bacchanel   1719 Museo del Prado, Madrid
Blick auf das Kloster Escorial, Michel-Ange Houasse
 Blick auf das Kloster Escorial   Date 1723(1723) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 50 x 82 cm cjr
Louis King of Spain, Michel-Ange Houasse
 Louis King of Spain   1717(1717) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 172 x 112 cm (67.7 x 44.1 in) cyf
Luis I principe de Asturias, Michel-Ange Houasse
 Luis I principe de Asturias   1717(1717) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 172 x 112 cm (67.7 x 44.1 in) cyf

Michel-Ange Houasse
1680-1730 French Michel Ange Houasse Gallery Son of Rene-Antoine Houasse. He trained in his father's circle, becoming familiar with the academic teaching methods then fashionable in France and also in Italy, where he went with his father. In 1706 he joined the Acad?mie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in Paris, obtaining the rank of Academician in 1707 with the painting Hercules and Lichas (Tours, Mus. B.-A.). In Rome he probably became acquainted with the Marquis d'Aubigny, secretary to the powerful Princess Orsini, who was close to Philip V of Spain. The Spanish King already had the painter Henri de Favanne in his service in Madrid; Michel-Ange was recommended for work at the Spanish court by Count Jean Orry (1652-1719), the King's French finance minister, and arrived there in 1715. He had contact with the French artists at court and married the daughter of the French architect Rene Carlier.

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