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Gathering Seaweed, Mauve, Anton
 Gathering Seaweed   Mus??ee d'Orsay, Paris.
Self-portrait, Mauve, Anton
 Self-portrait   oil on canvas, 65 cm x 43 cm cyf
Sheep on a dyke, Mauve, Anton
 Sheep on a dyke   oil on canvas, 59 cm x 100 cm cyf

Mauve, Anton
Dutch, 1838-1888 Dutch painter. He came from a large family of clergymen in the province of North Holland. At the age of 16 he was apprenticed to the animal painter Pieter Frederik van Os (1808-92): animals (especially sheep, but also cows and horses) became Mauve's preferred theme. He then trained for a few months with Wouterus Verschuur, who gave him his love of horses, in the style, at least, of Paulus Potter and Philips Wouwerman.

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