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All Louis Welden Hawkins 's Paintings
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A Veil, Louis Welden Hawkins
 A Veil   mk229 Pastel on paper oil on canvas
Autumn, Louis Welden Hawkins
 Autumn   mk229 c.1895 oil on canvas
Esslingen, Louis Welden Hawkins
 Esslingen   1849-Paris 1910 Portrait of a Young Man,1881
Mask, Louis Welden Hawkins
 Mask   1905
Mask,Symbolist portrait in the form of a fan (mk19), Louis Welden Hawkins
 Mask,Symbolist portrait in the form of a fan (mk19)   1905 Gouache on board Private collection
Mme Severine, Louis Welden Hawkins
 Mme Severine   1895 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Mme Severine (mk06), Louis Welden Hawkins
 Mme Severine (mk06)   ca 1895(Salon of 1895) 2' 6 1/4'' x 1' 9 3/4''(77 x 55 cm)Gift of Mrs.Severine,1926 RF .2607
The Eiffel Tower as seen from The Trocadero, Louis Welden Hawkins
 The Eiffel Tower as seen from The Trocadero   Musee d'Orsay, Paris
THe Eiffel Tower,Seen from the Trocadero (mk06), Louis Welden Hawkins
 THe Eiffel Tower,Seen from the Trocadero (mk06)   1'9 3/4'' x 1' 5 3/4''(55 x 45 cm)Gift of Societe des Amis du Musee d'Orsay,1985.RF 1983-103
The Haloes, Louis Welden Hawkins
 The Haloes   1894, oil on canvas, Private Collection
The Haloes (mk19), Louis Welden Hawkins
 The Haloes (mk19)   1894 Oil on canvas,61 x 50 cm Private collection,Paris

Louis Welden Hawkins
British 1849-1910 Louis Welden Hawkins Galleries Louis Welden Hawkins was born in Germany ( 1 July 1849 ). His mother was an Austrian Baroness, his father Englishman. Hawkins moved soon to France and took later French nationality. Hawkins attended the famous Acad??mie Julian in Paris. Hawkins became famous after his expositions in the Salon de la Societe des Artistes Francais. His first work was shown in the Salon in 1881. After that, expositions followed at the Salon de la Societe des Beaux Artes (1894-1911), the Salon de la Rose-Croix (1894-95) and La Libre Esthetque in Brussels. He spended his last years in Brittany, where he painted mostly landscapes. Louis Welden Hawkins died in 1910 and was honoured a year later at the Salon Nationale.

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