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Allegory on the Death of the Dauphin, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Allegory on the Death of the Dauphin   Allegory on the Death of the Dauphin
An Artists' Party in the Studio of Isabey (mk05), Louis Leopold  Boilly
 An Artists' Party in the Studio of Isabey (mk05)   Canvas 28 1/4 x 43 1/2''(72 x 111 cm)Salon of 1798;bequeathed in 1901 R F 1290 bis (G/AR)
Billards, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Billards   mk159 1807 Oil on canvas 56x81cm
ce qui allume lamour leteint, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 ce qui allume lamour leteint   1790 saint- omer, museum
Figure by the Bridge, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Figure by the Bridge   circa 1926(1926) Medium oil on cardboard Dimensions 53.5 X 40.5 cm cyf
Geography Lesson, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Geography Lesson   Date 1812(1812) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
Lady with Pearls, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Lady with Pearls   1917(1917) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 125 X 97 cm cyf
Maximilien De Robespierre, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Maximilien De Robespierre   se
Meeting of Artists in Isabey-s Studio, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Meeting of Artists in Isabey-s Studio   1798 Oil on canvas
Placz na pogorzelisku po napadzie Tatarow, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Placz na pogorzelisku po napadzie Tatarow   Olej na płetnie. 63,5 x 86,6 cm. cyf
point of convention, c., Louis Leopold  Boilly
 point of convention, c.   1801 collection alain de rothschild
Portrait of Gabrielle Josephine du Pont, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Portrait of Gabrielle Josephine du Pont   ca. 1798(1798) Medium Oil cyf
Portrait of Maximilien de Robespierre, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Portrait of Maximilien de Robespierre   ca. 1791(1791) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 41 x 32 cm (16.1 x 12.6 in) cyf
Reading of the Bulletin of the Grand Army, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Reading of the Bulletin of the Grand Army   1807 Oil on canvas, 44 x 59 cm
Rinaldo and Armida, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 Rinaldo and Armida   1766 Oil on canvas, 60 x 70 cm
THe Arrival of a Coach (mk05), Louis Leopold  Boilly
 THe Arrival of a Coach (mk05)   1803 Canvas 24 1/2 x 43''(62 x 109 cm)Acquired in 1845 INV
The Death of Czarniecki, Louis Leopold  Boilly
 The Death of Czarniecki   1860(1860) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 124.5 x 165 cm (49 x 65 in) cyf

Louis Leopold Boilly

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