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Frederic Augustus of Saxony, Louis Gauffier
 Frederic Augustus of Saxony   1793 Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe
Portrait de Victor Leopold Berthier, Louis Gauffier
 Portrait de Victor Leopold Berthier   1799(1799) Oil on canvas cjr
Pygmalion and Galatea, Louis Gauffier
 Pygmalion and Galatea   1797(1797) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 67.5 x 51.2 cm (26.6 x 20.2 in) cjr

Louis Gauffier
1762-1801 French Louis Gauffier Gallery French painter. Following his move to Paris, where he became a pupil of Hugues Taraval and a student at the Academie Royale, in 1784 Gauffier shared the Prix de Rome with Jean-Germain Drouais and Antoine-Denis Chaudet (for sculpture), his own work being Christ and the Woman of Canaan (Paris, Ecole N. Sup. B.-A.). During his time in Rome (1785-9) Gauffier worked hard, but his health was poor and the results variable. On his return to Paris he was accepted (agree) by the Academie as a history painter. Soon after, he returned to Rome in order to escape the worsening situation in Revolutionary Paris, although he continued to send his Neo-classical works to the Salon. In March 1790 he married Pauline Chatillon (d July 1801), a portrait painter whom he and Drouais had taught..

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