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All Lilla Cabot Perry 's Paintings
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A Snowy Monday, Lilla Cabot Perry
 A Snowy Monday   A Snowy Monday (The Cooperage, Hancock, New Hampshire), 1926
Giverny, Lilla Cabot Perry
 Giverny   Giverny
Giverny Landscape,in Monet's Garden (nn02), Lilla Cabot Perry
 Giverny Landscape,in Monet's Garden (nn02)   c.1897 Oil on canvas 26x32" R.H.Love Galleries Inc.,Chicago
La Petite AngEle,, Lilla Cabot Perry
 La Petite AngEle,   La Petite AngEle, II, 1889
Lady with a Bowl of Violets, Lilla Cabot Perry
 Lady with a Bowl of Violets   Lady with a Bowl of Violets, 1910
Monet-s Garden at Giverny, Lilla Cabot Perry
 Monet-s Garden at Giverny   mk235 c.1897 Oil on canvas
Self Portrait, Lilla Cabot Perry
 Self Portrait   Self Portrait, 1892
Suruga Bay, Azaleas,, Lilla Cabot Perry
 Suruga Bay, Azaleas,   Suruga Bay, Azaleas, 1898 - 1901
The Black Hat,, Lilla Cabot Perry
 The Black Hat,   The Black Hat, 1914
Woman with a Cat, Lilla Cabot Perry
 Woman with a Cat   Woman with a Cat
Woman with Cat, Lilla Cabot Perry
 Woman with Cat   Date Unknown date cyf

Lilla Cabot Perry
American Impressionist Painter, 1848-1933 was an American artist who worked in the Impressionist style, rendering portraits and landscapes in the free form manner of her mentor, Claude Monet. Perry was an early advocate of the French Impressionist style and contributed to its reception in the United States. Perry's early work was shaped by her exposure to the Boston school of artists and her travels in Europe and Japan. She was also greatly influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson's philosophies and her friendship with Camille Pissarro. Although it was not until the age of thirty-six that Perry received formal training, her work with artists of the Impressionist, Realist, Symbolist, and German Social Realist movements greatly affected the style of her oeuvre. Boston native Lilla Cabot Perry was born on January 13, 1848 to Dr. Samuel Cabot, a distinguished surgeon, and Hannah Lowell Jackson Cabot. What is known of her early life reveals a childhood that allowed her the freedom of exploring her interests and creativity. Perry studied literature, language, poetry, and music. There are a few references to Perry having informal sketching sessions with her friends however she had no formal training in the arts before 1884. As a child she additionally enjoyed reading books and playing sports outdoors. Because of her family's prominence in Boston society,

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