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All Knud Bergslien 's Paintings
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Birkebeinerne pa Ski over Fjeldet med Kongsbarnet, Knud Bergslien
 Birkebeinerne pa Ski over Fjeldet med Kongsbarnet   1869 cjr
Blomstrende haveeksterir med tre kvinder ved et bord, Knud Bergslien
 Blomstrende haveeksterir med tre kvinder ved et bord   1916(1916) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 74 x 92 cm cyf
Fjordbunn, Knud Bergslien
 Fjordbunn   Oil painting. cjr
Julie painted in 1873, Knud Bergslien
 Julie painted in 1873   cjr
Nordnorsk fjordidyll, Knud Bergslien
 Nordnorsk fjordidyll   Oil on canvas cjr
Painting of Konrad von Maurer, Knud Bergslien
 Painting of Konrad von Maurer   The painting was made by Knut Bergslien in Christiania (Oslo) in 1876 and is owned by the University of Oslo. cjr
Painting of Norwegian writer Carl Fredrik Diriks., Knud Bergslien
 Painting of Norwegian writer Carl Fredrik Diriks.   1872 cjr
Portrait of norwegian author Peter Christen Asbjornsen, Knud Bergslien
 Portrait of norwegian author Peter Christen Asbjornsen   1870 cjr

Knud Bergslien
(May 15, 1827 - November 27, 1908) was a Norwegian painter, art teacher and master artist. In his art, he frequently portrayed the lives of the Norwegian people, their history and heroes of the past. Bergslien is most associated with his historical paintings, especially Skiing Birchlegs Crossing the Mountain with the Royal Child. Knud Larsen Bergslien was born in Voss, in Hordaland, Norway. His parents were Lars Bergeson Bergslien and Kirsten Knutsdotter Gjelle. Knud Bergslien was the brother of sculptor Brynjulf Bergslien and uncle of painter and sculptor Nils Bergslien. Monuments honoring the three famous Bergslien artists now exist in Bergslien park located in Voss, Hordaland

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