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All Julius LeBlanc Stewart 's Paintings
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Femme Mi-Nue, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 Femme Mi-Nue   1877(1877) Medium oil on panel Dimensions 31 x 14,5 cm cjr
Jeune femme nue dans un sous-bois, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 Jeune femme nue dans un sous-bois   1905(1905) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 59 x 145 cm (23.2 x 57.1 in) cyf
La Clairiere, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 La Clairiere   1900(1900) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 151.1 x 121.9 cm (59.5 x 48 in) cyf
Lady on a Pink Divan, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 Lady on a Pink Divan   1877(1877) Oil on canvas 49,5 x 63 cm cjr
Les Dames Goldsmith au bois de Boulogne en 1897 sur une voiturette, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 Les Dames Goldsmith au bois de Boulogne en 1897 sur une voiturette   Date 1901(1901) Medium Oil on canvas cjr
Nymphes de Nysa, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 Nymphes de Nysa   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 143 x 115 cm (56.3 x 45.3 in) cjr
On the Yacht Namouna, Venice, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 On the Yacht Namouna, Venice   Date 1890(1890) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 142.2 x 195.6 cm (56 x 77 in) TTD
Portrait of Mrs. Francis Stanton Blake, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 Portrait of Mrs. Francis Stanton Blake   1908(1908) Oil on canvas 200 ?? 112.4 cm (78.7 ?? 44.3 in) cjr
Study Of A Nude Woman, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 Study Of A Nude Woman   1892 TTD
The Baptism, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 The Baptism   Date 1892(1892) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 201.3 x 297.5 cm (79.3 x 117.1 in) TTD
Yachting in the Mediterranean, Julius LeBlanc Stewart
 Yachting in the Mediterranean   Date 1896(1896) Medium oil on canvas TTD

Julius LeBlanc Stewart
(September 6, 1855, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 5, 1919, Paris, France), was an American artist who spent his career in Paris. A contemporary of fellow expatriate painter John Singer Sargent, Stewart was nicknamed "the Parisian from Philadelphia." His father, the sugar millionaire William Hood Stewart, moved the family to Paris in 1865, and became a distinguished art collector and an early patron of Fortuny and the Barbizon artists. Julius studied under Eduardo Zamacois as a teenager, under Jean-Leo Grôme at the École des Beaux Arts, and later was a pupil of Raymondo de Madrazo. Stewart's family wealth enabled him to live a lush expatriate life and paint what he pleased, often large-scaled group portraits. The first of these, After the Wedding (1880), showed the artist's brother Charles and his bride Mae, daughter of financier Anthony J. Drexel, leaving for their honeymoon.

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