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Pauline Charlotte Bendemann, Julius Hubner
 Pauline Charlotte Bendemann   mk138 1829 Oil on canvas 189.5x130cm
Portrait of the Painters Carl Friedrich Lessing,Carl Sohn and Theodor Hildebrandt, Julius Hubner
 Portrait of the Painters Carl Friedrich Lessing,Carl Sohn and Theodor Hildebrandt   mk138 1839 Oil on canvas 38.5x58.5cm

Julius Hubner
1806 Oels-1882 Loschwitz ,was a German historical painter of the Dusseldorf school. He was also known as a poet and the father of Emil Hubner, a distinguished classical scholar. Hubner was born at Oels in Silesia, studied at the Academy School in Berlin and under Schadow there and in Dusseldorf. He first attracted attention by his picture of "Ruth and Boaz" (1825). He traveled in Italy and resided for the most part at Dusseldorf until 1839. In that year he settled at Dresden, becoming a professor in the Academy of Arts in 1841 and director of the Gallery of Paintings in 1871. He obtained the great gold medal at Brussels in 1851. He died in Loschwitz.

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