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Autumn Landscape, Julien  Dupre
 Autumn Landscape   mk159 Oil on canvas 51x46cm
Harvesters At Rest, Julien  Dupre
 Harvesters At Rest   mk127 16x20inch Oil on canvas
In the Meadow, Julien  Dupre
 In the Meadow   1881 Musee des Beaux-Arts, Carcassonne
La Fontaine, Julien  Dupre
 La Fontaine   1783 Marble Mus?e du Louvre, Paris Julien seems never to have executed any portrait busts or monumental groups. Even in the La Fontaine he scarcely attempted to produce accurate portraiture but concentrated on a lively, perhaps suitably anecdotal, effect, with a generalized shrewdness and vivacity in the subject's features. Julien's delicacy of handling is apparent not only in the somewhat over-detailed treatment of the hair but also in the frieze of bas-reliefs, illustrating scenes from the fables, which decorate the pedestal. The fables are yet more patently present in the slightly porcine fox, with one paw on a book, which creeps out from La Fontaine's cloak and peers up at him. Author: JULIEN, Pierre Title: La Fontaine Form: sculpture , 1751-1800 , French , portrait
The Hay Gatherer, Julien  Dupre
 The Hay Gatherer   mk127 Oil on canvas 16x20inch
The Mildmaid, Julien  Dupre
 The Mildmaid   mk221 Oil on canvas 38.7x55.9cm
The Second Crop, Julien  Dupre
 The Second Crop   mk221 1879 Oil on canvas 100x127.5cm
The Tedder, Julien  Dupre
 The Tedder   mk221 Oil on canvas 38.1x45.7cm

Julien Dupre
1851-1910 French Julien Dupre Location

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