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All John Henry Twachtman 's Paintings
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Arques la Bataille, John Henry Twachtman
 Arques la Bataille   mk75 1885 Huile sur toile:152.4x200.3cm
Arques-la-Bataille, John Henry Twachtman
 Arques-la-Bataille   mk177 1885 Oil on canvas 60x78in
Azaleas, John Henry Twachtman
 Azaleas   mk177 1898 Oil on canvas 30x24
Die weiBe BrUcke, John Henry Twachtman
 Die weiBe BrUcke   Date 1875-1890 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 77 x 51,5 cm TTD
End of the Rain, John Henry Twachtman
 End of the Rain   Date between 1900(1900) and 1901(1901) Medium Oil on board Dimensions 29.8 X 31.7 cm (11.73 X 12.48 in) cyf
End of Winter, John Henry Twachtman
 End of Winter   mk68 Oil on canvas Washington Smithsonian American Art. c.1889 USA
Gloucester Harbor, John Henry Twachtman
 Gloucester Harbor   mk177 1901 Oil on canvas 25x25in
Hemlock Pool, John Henry Twachtman
 Hemlock Pool   mk146 ca.1900
Landscape Branchville, John Henry Twachtman
 Landscape Branchville   1888 Type Oil on canvas Dimensions 152.4 cm x 203.2 cm cyf
Meadow Flowers, John Henry Twachtman
 Meadow Flowers   mk140 circa 1892 Oil on canvas 84.6x56.3cm
Meadow Flowers, John Henry Twachtman
 Meadow Flowers   ca. 1892 Oil on canvas 84.6 x 56.3 cm (33.31 x 22.17 in)
Meadow Flowers, John Henry Twachtman
 Meadow Flowers   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Expression error: Missing operand for *84.6 ?? 56.3 cm
New York Haffen, John Henry Twachtman
 New York Haffen   mk181 1879 Cincinnati
Old Holley House, Cos Cob, John Henry Twachtman
 Old Holley House, Cos Cob   Date 1901(1901) Medium oil on canvas TTD
On the Terrace, John Henry Twachtman
 On the Terrace   mk196 c.1897
Reflections, John Henry Twachtman
 Reflections   between 1893(1893) and 1894(1894) Oil on canvas 75.7 x 76.1 cm (29.8 x 29.96 in)
Reflections, John Henry Twachtman
 Reflections   Date between 1893(1893) and 1894(1894) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 75.7 X 76.1 cm (29.8 X 29.96 in) cyf
Snow Scene, John Henry Twachtman
 Snow Scene   circa 1890(1890) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 10 x 14 in (25.4 x 35.6 cm) cjr
Summer,, John Henry Twachtman
 Summer,   Summer, 1897-99, Phillips Collection.
THe Waterfall, John Henry Twachtman
 THe Waterfall   mk177 c.1890-1900 Oil on canvas 30x30in
The White Bridge, John Henry Twachtman
 The White Bridge   mk77 Mid-1890s Oil on canvas 30 1/4x30 1/4in
The White Bridge, John Henry Twachtman
 The White Bridge   mk177 1900 Oil on canvas 30x25
The White Bridge, John Henry Twachtman
 The White Bridge   mk235 c.1900 Oil on canvas
The White Bridge,, John Henry Twachtman
 The White Bridge,   The White Bridge, ca. 1895, Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Waterfall in Yellowstone, John Henry Twachtman
 Waterfall in Yellowstone   mk162 c.1895 Oil on canvas 23x16
Winter Harmony, John Henry Twachtman
 Winter Harmony   mk235 c.1890-1900 Oil on canvas
Winter Landscape, John Henry Twachtman
 Winter Landscape   1890-1900 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Français : 76.5 x 76.5 cm cjr
Winter Scene, John Henry Twachtman
 Winter Scene   mk212 1890-1900 Oil on canvas 76.5x76.5

John Henry Twachtman
American Impressionist Painter, 1853-1902 American painter and printmaker. He began as a painter of window-shades but developed one of the most personal and poetic visions in American landscape painting, portraying nature on canvases that were, in the words of Childe Hassam, 'strong, and at the same time delicate even to evasiveness'. His first artistic training was under Frank Duveneck, with whom he studied first in Cincinnati and then in Munich (1875-7). His absorption of the Munich style, characterized by bravura brushwork and dextrous manipulation of pigment, with the lights painted as directly as possible into warm,

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