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All Johann Gottfried Schadow 's Paintings
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Monument to Count Alexander von der Mark, Johann Gottfried Schadow
 Monument to Count Alexander von der Mark   mk138 1788-90 Marble 623x370cm Long-term loan of the Evangelical Parish of Friedrichswerder zu Berlin
Princesses Luise and Friederike of Prussia, Johann Gottfried Schadow
 Princesses Luise and Friederike of Prussia   mk138 1795-97 Marble 172x94x59cm Transferred from the Berliner Stadtschloss in 1949
Self-Portrait, Johann Gottfried Schadow
 Self-Portrait   mk138 c.1790/94 Terracotta 41x22x25cm Purchased in 1917 from Adelheid Kaibel nee Schadow,Gottingen
Young Woman Reclining, Johann Gottfried Schadow
 Young Woman Reclining   mk138 1826 Marble 34x95x38cm Purchased 1865 from Eugenie Schadow,Nee d'Alton-Rauch

Johann Gottfried Schadow
1764-1850 Berlin, He was a German sculptor. He was born in Berlin, where his father was a poor tailor. Friederike von Preuben.His first teacher was an inferior sculptor, Tassaert, patronized by Frederick the Great; the master offered his daughter in marriage, but the pupil preferred to elope with a girl to Vienna, and the father-in-law not only condoned the offence but furnished money wherewith to visit Italy. Three years' study in Rome formed his style, and in 1788 he returned to Berlin to succeed Tassaert as sculptor to the court and secretary to the Academy. Over half a century he produced upwards of two hundred works, varied in style as in subjects.

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