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Arabian Nights, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Arabian Nights   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 18 1/2 X 35 inches (47.25 X 89 cm) cyf
Harem Scene, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Harem Scene   1876(1876) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 18 x 21 3/4 inches (46 x 55.5 cm) cjr
Kaiser Joseph I, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Kaiser Joseph I   1684(1684) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 126 ?? 105 cm (49.6 ?? 41.3 in) cyf
Odalisque, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Odalisque   Title Odalisque Date 1882 cyf
Palace Guard with Two Leopards, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Palace Guard with Two Leopards   Oil on canvas 39 1/2 X 24 3/8 inches (100.4 X 62.2 cm) cjr
Portrait of an Arab Woman, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Portrait of an Arab Woman   Oil on panel 21 5/8 x 17 3/4 inches (55 x 45.1 cm)
Portrait of an Arab Woman, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Portrait of an Arab Woman   Medium Oil on panel Dimensions 21 5/8 X 17 3/4 inches (55 X 45.1 cm) cyf
Portrait of Madame Helene Vincent, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Portrait of Madame Helene Vincent   Date 1893(1893) Medium Oil on canvas cjr
Queen Herodiade, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Queen Herodiade   1881(1881) Oil on canvas 50 7/8 x 37 1/8 inches (129.5 x 94.6 cm)
Queen Herodiade, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 Queen Herodiade   Date 1881(1881) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 50 7/8 X 37 1/8 inches (129.5 X 94.6 cm) cyf
The Empress Theodora at the Colisseum, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
 The Empress Theodora at the Colisseum   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 62 x 52 1/2 inches (157.5 x 133.4 cm) cjr

Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant
(also known as Benjamin Constant), born Jean-Joseph Constant (10 June 1845 - 26 May 1902), was a French painter and etcher best known for his Oriental subjects and portraits. Benjamin-Constant was born in Paris. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he was a pupil of Alexandre Cabanel. A journey to Morocco in 1872 strongly influenced his early artistic development and lead him to produce Romantic scenes under the spell of Orientalism. Among his noted works in this vein are Last Rebels, Justice in the Harem (both in the Luxembourg Gallery), Les Cherifas, and Moroccan Prisoners (Bordeaux). His large canvas, The Entrance of Mahomet II into Constantinople (Toulouse Museum), received a medal in 1876. After 1880, he changed his manner, devoting himself to mural decorations and to portraits. Prominent examples include the great plafond in the Hôtel de Ville, Paris, entitled Paris Convening the World; his paintings in the New Sorbonne, representing Literature, The Sciences, and the Academy of Paris; and the plafond of the Opera Comique theatre. He was distinguished as a portrait painter, especially in England, where he was a favorite of the aristocracy. His portrait Mons fils Andra (Luxembourg) was awarded a medal of honor at the Salon in 1896. Benjamin-Constant painted Pope Leo XIII, Queen Alexandra of England (1901), Lord John Lumley-Savile, and Henri Blowitz (1902). He was made a member of the Institute in 1893, and was a commander of the Legion of Honor. He visited the United States several times, and painted a number of portraits. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York owns a large mural decoration by Benjamin-Constant entitled Justinian in Council.

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