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Pentecost, Jean Restout
 Pentecost   1732 Oil on canvas, 465 x 778 cm
The death of St. Scholastica, Jean Restout
 The death of St. Scholastica   MK169 1730 Cloth 338x190cm
The Inspired Poet, Jean Restout
 The Inspired Poet   oil on canvas Dimensions 91 x 73 cm cyf

Jean Restout
French Neoclassical Painter, 1692-1768,was a French Neoclassical painter. Jean Restout was born in Rouen, the son of Jean Restout, the first of that name, and of Marie M. Jouvenet, sister and pupil of the then well-known Jean Jouvenet. In 1717, the Royal Academy having elected him a member on his work for the Grand Prix, he remained in Paris, instead of proceeding to Italy, exhibited at all the salons, and filled successively every post of academical distinction. His works, chiefly altar-pieces (Louvre Museum), ceilings and designs for Gobelin tapestries, were engraved by Cochin, Drevet and others; his diploma picture may still be seen at St Cloud. His son, Jean Bernard Restout (1732 - 1797),

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