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A Madwoman and Compulsive Gambler, Jean Louis Voille
 A Madwoman and Compulsive Gambler   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 77 x 65 cm
A Woman i n Blue, Jean Louis Voille
 A Woman i n Blue   mk65 Oil on canvas 29x22 1/4"
Charging Chasseur by Theodore Gericault, Jean Louis Voille
 Charging Chasseur by Theodore Gericault   Description Charging Chasseur by Th??odore G??ricault
Cut heads, Jean Louis Voille
 Cut heads   from 1818(1818) until 1818(1818) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 50 X 61 cm cyf
Kinderbildnis Alexander Pawlowitsch mit einer Rassel, Jean Louis Voille
 Kinderbildnis Alexander Pawlowitsch mit einer Rassel   Date 1778(1778) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
Portrait of Alexander Pawlowitsch as a boy, Jean Louis Voille
 Portrait of Alexander Pawlowitsch as a boy   1778(1778) Medium Oil cyf
Portrait of Baroness Stroganova, Jean Louis Voille
 Portrait of Baroness Stroganova   1781-82 The Hermitage, St.Petersburg
Portrait of Evdokiya Nikolayevna Chesmenskaya, Jean Louis Voille
 Portrait of Evdokiya Nikolayevna Chesmenskaya   xxxxx 1780-x xx Medium Oil cyf
Portrait of Grand Duchess Marie Fyodorovna, Jean Louis Voille
 Portrait of Grand Duchess Marie Fyodorovna   1790s. Oil on canvas. cjr
The Horse Race, Jean Louis Voille
 The Horse Race   between 1816(1816) and 1817(1817) Medium Oil on paper attached to canvas cyf

Jean Louis Voille
1744-1805 French Jean Louis Voille

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