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Breath akvarell, Hugo Simberg
 Breath akvarell   mk198 Miniatyr Ateneum,Helsingfors
In the Garden of Death, Hugo Simberg
 In the Garden of Death   mk141 1896 Watercolor and gouache 15.8x17.5cm
The Garden of Death, Hugo Simberg
 The Garden of Death   1896(1896) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 16 x 17 cm (6.3 x 6.7 in) cyf
The Wounded Angel - Hugo Simberg, Hugo Simberg
 The Wounded Angel - Hugo Simberg   Year 1903(1903) Technique Oil on canvas Dimensions 154 X 127 cm (60.63 X 50.00 in)
The Wounded Angel from 1903,, Hugo Simberg
 The Wounded Angel from 1903,   The Wounded Angel from 1903, voted Finland's national painting in 2006
Wounded Angel, Hugo Simberg
 Wounded Angel   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Expression error: Missing operand for *154.00 x 127.00 cm

Hugo Simberg
Hamina 1873-1917 Ahtari, Finnish painter and printmaker. He first studied at the Finnish Fine Arts Association in Helsinki. His natural inclination towards mysticism led him to seek the instruction of Akseli Gallen-Kallela, with whom he studied in Ruovesi intermittently between 1895 and 1897. Gallen-Kallela's influence, in particular his Symbolist synthesis of the National Romantic style, is evident in Simberg's early works, such as Frost and Autumn (both 1895; Helsinki, Athenaeum A. Mus.), which are highly personal expressions of the mysticism of nature.

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