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A View of Loch Lomond, Horatio Mcculloch
 A View of Loch Lomond   A View of Loch Lomond; Oil on Canvas, 76 x 127 cm cjr
A View of Loch Lomond, Horatio Mcculloch
 A View of Loch Lomond   Oil on Canvas, 76 x 127 cm cyf
Loch Fad, Horatio Mcculloch
 Loch Fad   Oil on Canvas, 53.5 x 75 cm Date 1844(1844) cyf
Loch Fad, Isle of Bute, Horatio Mcculloch
 Loch Fad, Isle of Bute   Loch Fad, Isle of Bute; Oil on Canvas, 53.5 x 75 cm Date 1844(1844) cjr
My Heart's in the Highlands, Horatio Mcculloch
 My Heart's in the Highlands   mk81 1860

Horatio Mcculloch
Scottish Landscape painter ,1805-1867 Scottish painter. He was trained in the studio of the Glasgow landscape painter John Knox (1778-1845) and at first earned his living as a decorative painter. By the early 1830s McCulloch's exhibits with the Glasgow Dilettanti Society and with the Royal Scottish Academy had begun to attract buyers, notably the newly instituted Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland. Commissions from book and print publishers allowed him to concentrate on easel painting. On his election as full Academician of the Scottish Academy in 1838, McCulloch settled in Edinburgh and soon became a prominent figure in the artistic life of the capital and a prolific contributor to the Royal Scottish Academy exhibitions. At the same time contact with Glasgow was maintained: McCulloch's favourite sketching grounds were in the west, he exhibited regularly in the city and his most loyal patrons were wealthy Glasgow industrialists such as David Hutcheson (1799-1881), the steamship owner. He seldom exhibited outside Scotland and only once at the Royal Academy, London (1843), but he kept in touch with London artist-friends, John Phillip, David Roberts and John Wilson (1774-1855), through correspondence and visits. His own art collection was evidence of his admiration for 17th-century Dutch painters, for J. M. W. Turner and Richard Wilson.

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